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What Injuries Do Physical Therapists Treat?

One key facet of trying to stay healthy is working out, but unfortunately, getting injured comes with the territory. Athletes and non-athletes alike, getting hurt is the last thing anyone wants to go through. If you’ve recently been injured, have you considered our athlete rehabilitation services near Wayne, NJ? Our professional staff has years of experience to guide you through the rehabilitation process and answer your questions along the way. Physical therapy isn’t the ideal solution for all injuries. Here are some common injuries our experts treat whether your injury occurred over a period of time or in a moment’s notice.


Inflamed joints can be extremely debilitating, even making everyday tasks near impossible. There are many joints throughout your body that may develop arthritis, including in your hands, your knees or your wrists. In addition to medication, physical therapy is a great way to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis, as it can strengthen the muscles around the affected joint.

Fractures & Dislocations

Many people with fractured or dislocated bones take advantage of our athlete rehabilitation services near Wayne, NJ. If you’re in a cast, your muscles in the affected area begin to weaken. Building strength and mobility is a great way to recover from bone-related issues.

Torn Tendons or Ligaments

Working out may cause an unexpected torn tendon or ligament. Depending on the location, these can be difficult and painful to heal. Many of our patients have experienced tears in their knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and more. Physical therapy is recommended to help regain muscle control and build strength.

These are only a handful of injuries our athlete rehabilitation services near Wayne, NJ address. If you’ve recently been injured and want to fully recover and then some, contact Advanced Sports Medicine to get started!

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