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What is Physiotherapy?

At Advanced Sports Medicine, we offer traditional and well-known services like physical therapy near Wayne, NJ. But did you know that we also offer more unique services such as physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is a popular practice that helps facilitate healing and recovery, and it is something people of all ages utilize. Here’s what you need to know about physiotherapy.

It’s Science-Based

Instead of looking at the injury or problem area of the person, physiotherapist look at the body as a whole, including the general lifestyle of the patient. This overall body approach makes physiotherapists different from our physical therapy services near Wayne, NJ. Often times, physiotherapy treatments help improve range of motion as well as the physical strength of the patient. If you’re suffering from an injury, illness or disability, you may benefit from seeing one of our physiotherapists.

Areas of Treatment

There are a wide variety of treatment areas on which physiotherapists focus. General treatment areas include neurological conditions such as a stroke of Parkinson’s disease, neuromusculoskeletal injuries like sports injuries, cardiovascular issues like chronic heart disease, and respiratory issues like asthma.

What to Expect During a Session

Walking into your first physiotherapy appointment, you might not know what to expect. Generally speaking, your first appointment will revolve around your medical history and conditions. From there, our team of experts will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses your needs. If you have questions about physiotherapy or other services that we offer, including physical therapy near Wayne, NJ, contact us today!

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