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Tendinitis & How to Prevent It

Tendinitis occurs when a tendon gets inflamed or irritated. It is often a result of repetitive use, but it can also occur due to a minor source of outside impact. Tendinitis can be extremely painful and difficult to manage, so taking advantage of our physical therapy services near Kinnelon, NJ is a great place to start.

Here are some common causes of tendinitis and what you can do to prevent it from developing.

Common Causes

Unfortunately, many daily activities are culprits of the development of tendinitis. For example, gardening, playing tennis, golfing, skiing, shoveling, painting, throwing and cleaning the house repetitively can cause tendinitis. Other factors that increase the risk of tendinitis are an abnormally placed bone or joint, arthritis, overuse, and occasionally an infection caused by a cat or dog bite in the hand or finger.

Where Does It Occur?

Anywhere in the body that a tendon connects a bone to a muscle, tendinitis can occur. The most common places include the knee, Achilles tendon, hip, shoulder, elbow and at the base of the thumb. Typically, the chances of developing it increase with age, especially for individuals 40 and older.

How to Avoid It

When you are performing new activities, don’t do too much too soon. It is best to gradually build up the amount of activity and stop if pain begins to occur.

How to Treat It

Try to avoid activities that make your tendinitis worse. Rest and ice are also helpful. If it is serious, you may benefit from our physical therapy services near Kinnelon, NJ as well as corticosteroid injections. If your body doesn’t respond to those things, surgery might be necessary.

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