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Misconceptions About Physical Therapy near Kinnelon, NJ

Many components make up physical therapy, including active and passive exercises, ultrasound, massage therapy, Cold Laser Therapy and more. It is a tool that people of all ages and abilities have used for many years, and it can help provide patients with a better quality of life. However, many people shy away from physical therapy because they have misconceptions about what the experience will be like. Here are some debunked myths about physical therapy that help persuade you to consider this as a viable part of your health routine.

Myth 1: It’s Going to be Painful

While you might be in pain before you start physical therapy, the therapy itself won’t be painful. Be sure to be honest about your pain level with your therapist at all points throughout therapy; this will determine the types of activities that you do throughout.

Myth 2: It’s Only for Injuries

It’s true that injuries are a common reason to visit a physical therapist, but that is not the only reason to do so. Rather than only going to a physical therapist after you’ve obtained an injury, do so as a preventative method to ensure injuries do not occur in the future. Research shows that physical therapy can help prevent running-related injuries, ACL injuries, lower back pain and injury from falls.

Myth 3: Medication or Surgery is More Effective

Some circumstances are better served by medication or surgery, but there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to your health. Instead of turning to medication or surgery as your first line of defense, instead try physical therapy near Kinnelon, NJ as an alternative. It is likely safer and less invasive compared to other options.

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