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What to Know About Cupping Therapy

If you’ve watched the Olympics in the past few years, you’ve likely seen swimmers and other athletes with red rings on their backs. This is a result of receiving cupping therapy! Many patients visit our Kinnelon, NJ chiropractor with the hopes of exploring cupping and what it can do for their health. Cupping therapy can help ensure that your body is at its healthiest!

How it Works

Think of cupping therapy as a facet of massage therapy. It is most commonly used on areas of your back. Through the use of a cup placed on your back on an area of suctioned skin, the cup will help stimulate circulation and help get rid of any harmful toxins. Our Kinnelon, NJ chiropractor may also recommend cupping therapy in conjunction with acupuncture in order to maximize results. During this treatment, a cup will be placed over an acupuncture needle and left on your skin for three minutes.

Cupping is beneficial in healing injuries, as it gets rid of toxins in the injured area. This results in an increase in blood flow which helps decrease inflammation and pain.

A Natural Approach

Cupping is part of our natural and holistic approach to healing. Not only does cupping help treat any affected areas, but it has a positive impact on your body as a whole. Whether you’ve tweaked your back in an unfortunate accident or you simply want to experience the benefits of cupping therapy, schedule an appointment with one of our skilled Kinnelon, NJ chiropractors!

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